Manage Your Work with AVTDRONES

  Drones for Commercial Services Drone data provides the most accurate data about real-time project conditions enabling faster decision making and adjustments throughout all phases of the project cycle. Aerial maps can quickly be overlayed with existing site plans for in depth comparison of important items such as concrete footings, pipeline diagrams, dividers and more. Weekly progressionary photos help to … Read More

AVTDRONES For Residential

Impress with Professional Flyover Images and Videos The use of drones in the residential environment provides homeowners a tool of accountability for subcontractors and others engaged in repair, additions and installations of materials or other services to their home. Drones help take the “Take my word for it” line out of the equation, which may be used time-to-time by workers … Read More

Special Event Aerial Photography With AVTDRONES

Use AVTDRONES in Your Marketing Campaign Special event aerial photography! If you are looking for new ideas on how to market in today‚Äôs industry, a drone application just might be the tool you need to capture your audience. Drones are being used in all types of media applications from cinema and television commercials to capturing unbelievable shots for model and … Read More