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Drones for Commercial Services

Drone data provides the most accurate data about real-time project conditions enabling faster decision making and adjustments throughout all phases of the project cycle. Aerial maps can quickly be overlayed with existing site plans for in depth comparison of important items such as concrete footings, pipeline diagrams, dividers and more. Weekly progressionary photos help to maintain accountability and sustainability of progress and generates high resolution data-sets that can easily be shared across multiple platforms anywhere in the world. The ever changing landscape of a construction site generally requires consistent monitoring, which can feel sometimes like an overwhelming task, especially on large projects of many acres, and hiring manned aircraft can become extremely costly if aerial monitoring and mapping is required. This is where subcontracting our firm to provide daily, weekly or bi-weekly aerial coverage and mapping solutions will not only take the stress off your project managers, allowing them to concentrate in other areas, it also provides an unbiased report to investors, the client and other accountability partners of the true current state of the job. Having an unbiased report can come in handy during times of litigation or other proceedings in which accountability or accusations are called to the table.

Drones for Construction

Construction Worker Deaths Up 6% in 2018

Information gathered from OSHA 2016/2017 reports and Constructconnect 2018 Reference info ConstructConnect (2018) Construction worker death’s up 6% in 2018.
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Be More Efficient with AVTDRONES

Traditional ways of volumetric reporting and land based survey methods are often associated with high cost, inefficiency, and bound by terrain and elevation features. Subtracting with AVTDRONES removes those chains. Get real-time data in hours and reduce the amount of time you spend walking the project grounds, inspecting, and trying to identify safety hazards by employing one of our UAV programs tailored to fit the needs of your project cycle.