AVTDRONES For Residential

Impress with Professional Flyover Images and Videos

The use of drones in the residential environment provides homeowners a tool of accountability for subcontractors and others engaged in repair, additions and installations of materials or other services to their home. Drones help take the “Take my word for it” line out of the equation, which may be used time-to-time by workers of a project failing to live up to their end of the bargain. For a low cost, you can have a tangible report from an unbiased third party drone provider such as AVT, along with video showing the complete or incomplete result of a hired project. Areas in which drones have been used for litigation cases of homeowner vs contractor include roofing installations, gutter cleaning leading to roofing damage, chimney repair, skylight services, room additions and more. Having the eye in the sky aids in tangible accountability for all involved and helps to create and maintain honesty and fairness for those involved in the construction and maintenance of your home.

Use Overgrown Trees to Create a WOW Factor!

09/25/2018 Solon, Ohio"AVTDrone's Tip of the day!"Never tell a client there is too much foliage in the way for you to get a great real estate shot for them. Use trees and other obstacles as a means to create the expectation of what lies beyond.#realestate #drone #avtdrones #photography #video

Posted by Aerial Visual Technologies LLC on Tuesday, 25 September 2018